Fishing Rules

Fishing rules Vestre Jakobselv:
Valid from the 1st of June to August 31, both days included.

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Fly: Floating line1-2-3-4-5YesYesYes
Fly: Sinking line1-2-3-4-5YesYesNo
Fly: Weighted flies and metaltubes1-2-3-4-5YesNoNo
Fly: Tubes and coneheads1-2-3-4-5YesYesYes
Lure – spinner – wobbler1-2YesNoNo
Lure – spinner – wobbler max 12 gram3-4-5YesYesNo


  • Disinfection of Fishing equipment and other possibly contagious items used outside the Nord Varanger must be disinfected. Certificate of satisfactory disinfection of fishing gear, etc. must be presented at the time of purchase of fishing licenses and must be carried while fishing and shown to river guards on request. Only disinfection carried out in Nord Varanger is approved.
  • Only one rod with three hooks is allowed. (A triple hook is considered as three hooks).
  • While fishing with flies or worms, only the floater or the fly line can be used as casting weigh.
  • The hook size is measured between the trunk and the point of the hook. No more/longer than 13 mm on double or treble hooks are allowed. No more than 15 mm on single hook is allowed.
  • Dipping the fishing gear in organic extracts or adding scent lubricants is prohibited.


  • Keep moving downstream while fishing. This means, start fishing at the pools upper point, and fish downstream. If a fisherman/woman catch/lose a fish, that person must start fishing in the pools upper point.
  • No upstream fishing with wet flies (Upstream fishing with dryflies is allowed).
  • No fishing whatsoever in prohibited zones (Lines, tippet or flies cannot cross the line into the protected zone).
  • Fishing in the protected zones is prohibited. The protected zones are marked with paint on the ground as well as with signs. You can see the protected zones marked on the maps along the river.
  • The Esbensen and the Båtkulpen on the east side of the river are private grounds. You may not fish in these pools without acceptance from the land owner.
  • Salmon hens are protected in August and must be released.
  • Kelts are protected and must be released.
  • Arctic char is protected and must be released.
  • Minimum size salmon 35 cm.
  • Minimum size Trout 25 cm.
  • From the 1st of June until the end of the season, the bag limit is two salmon pr. day. When bag limit is reached, fishing must end for the day (no free c & r).
  • From the 1st of June until the end of the season, all hen Atlantic salmon must be released. It is not allowed to kill hen Atlantic salmon
  • From the 1st of June until the end of the season, all Atlantic salmon over 70 cm. must be released. It is not permitted to kill Atlantic salmon over 70 cm., regardless of gender
  • From the 1st of June until the end of the season, it is permitted to kill 15 Atlantic salmons. When bag limit is reached, fishing must end for the season (no free c & r)
  • If situations arise where the angler cannot follow the rules, river supervision is contacted
  • Pink salmon must be killed

Bag limit for locals (residents of Vadsø kommune)

  • The seasonal bag limit for persons living in Vadsø kommune is two atlantic salmons over 70 cm.
  • From 24.06.2022 – 31.07.2022 it is allowed to kill up to one hen atlantic salmon.
  • From 01.08.2022 – 31.08.2022 it is only allowed to kill male atlantic salmon. All hen atlantic salmon are protected and are to be released. It is not allowed to kill hen atlantic salmon.

Catch report:

  • Those fishing anadromous salmonids must report their catch electronically at
    Failing to report will result in getting banned from buying new licenses.


  • Zone 1: from the main-road to the first place upstream to prohibition zone, approx. 3 Kilometers.
  • Zone 2: from The Second waterfall to the fourth water-fall, approx. 4 kilometers
  • Zone 3: from the fourth water-fall to Aldonen, approx. 5 kilometres
  • Zone 4: from Aldonen to Jakobselvkroken
  • Zone 5 From Øvre Flintelv til Jakobselvkroken.

Rules of conduct:

  • Be an example and guide by example for youngsters and children.
    Prioritize letting kids/children fish first.
  • It is prohibited to throw litter along the river, use the garbage cans along the river or bring your garbage home. Fish gut must not be thrown in the garbage cans or thrown into the water.
  • Anyone fishing in Vestre Jakobselv must bring fishing license, national fishing license, IDENTIFICATION (driver’s license or passport) and disinfection certification (Gyrodactylus salaris) and must be showed to the river supervisor/guards upon request.
  • If you observe illegal fishing, call the river guard.
  • Tent: do not camp closer than 100 meters from the riverbank. Use existing bonfire sites.

River guards can be reached on: +47 900 67 707