Fishing License

Fishing license

Day licenseNKR 520

How to obtain fishing licenses:

Vestre Jakobselv Jeger og Fiskeforening opens up the sale of fishing licenses to residents outside Finnmark 2020.05.01 at 00:00. The number of fishing licenses available per day is 28. Contact information about the various outlets can be found here: Jakobselva – Overnatting

Sale of fishing licenses to residents outside Finnmark not affiliated with accommodation:

Vestre Jakobselv Jeger- og fiske Forening (VJJFF) has made some changes in terms of access to fishing licenses, based on the sad situation that is affecting us and the world at the moment.

VJJFF opens up for sale of fishing licenses to residents outside Finnmark 01.05.2020 at 12.00. 10 cards are posted per 24 hours open for online sales.

There may also be several cards per day, some days, as cards not sold through our accommodations are also posted.

The fishing license is personal. Unused fishing licenses are non-refundable. Buying a fishing license follows the River Guide’s terms of purchase. Fishing licenses must be activated locally before fishing begins. Fishing licenses are purchased here:

VJJFF recommends watching the guidance film given by the on Youtube. Here you will be trained on how to lower user profile and buy fishing licenses: